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Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative


Summary of payments to the Kazakhstan State

The following information is provided as part of an initiative by Publish What You Pay (a global civil society coalition) to achieve transparancy of oil, gas and mining company payments to agencies and representativies of those governments as a first step towards a more accountable system for the management of natural resources.

Amounts paid in Kazakh Tenge to the government of Kazakhstan


ITEM 12 months to 31 December 2013
Royalty on gold & silver mined
Income tax & pensions funds – individual
Social tax & insurance funds – employer
Income tax
Repayment of historic costs
Ecological tax
Property tax
Customs duty
Land tax
Royalty on construction materials
Vehicle tax
Non resident withholding tax
Royalty on water
Equivalent in GBP*

*converted at a rate of GBP1 = KTG 255